Nike's latest technology and creativity are usually the first armed in Air Jordan sneakers are generation, But inevitably with experimental new science and technology and creativity Jordan basketball shoes Jordan basketball shoes , the purpose of the concept may be advanced, but performance may be compromised. Such as: Joe 7 "Huarache concept", lid, Joe 22 "titanium alloy plate", etc. As a result from AJ 16, each generation of Jordan shoes launched special, strengthen version, with the modification of the details, make it more suitable for actual combat, close to the nature of the shoe. Shoe name suffix generally use "+" and "SE" "PE" "5". Air Jordan shoe profile.
1 ~ 20 generations Retro Jordans1 ~ 20 generations Jordan basketball shoes (20) For Jordan we have a lot of memories, don't say god here in the field of all kinds of excellent performance, but the god's feet - Jordan series basketball shoes. Jordan 1 generation was released from the beginning are prohibited by the union, when the bulls coach don't allow people to wear this pair of shoes, the reason is that with the team's jersey color, and David stern is introduced fines for Jordan, $1000 for the first time, $2000 for the second time, until the last $5000 each, which finally led to Joe 1 snapping up. Nike also therefore first shook the converse position on the basketball shoes. Jordan 1 generation USES white and red trichromatic, hard rubber sole, no technology content, in fact, this pair of shoes is very heavy, but it is the beginning of an era.